Features of School Management software


  1. End-to-End solution

  2. Whether it's the enrollment of a new student or calculation of salary for the staff, School ERP provides you a fully integrated end-to-end solution to manage all the functions and activities required for your education institution.

  3. N-Tier Architecture

  4. School ERP is designed on an N-Tier architecture allowing multiple users to work simultaneously from multiple locations on a single database. This helps in sharing information between different departments and users on a real-time basis.

  5. Streamlines Educational process

  6. School ERP often prompts significant process reengineering and could breathe life into ineffective and inefficient departments or processes. It helps in proper documentation and standardization of education process by setting up protocols for each and every process.

  7. Saves lot of Man hours that directly means saving lot of money

  8. Automation of various critical tasks such as fee collection, salary management etc saves a lot of man hours that directly reflects to expenditure of the organization.





  • Unlimited User
  • Single system to manage all School related information from anywhere in the School
  • Unlimited PC access
  • Single Point School Management System
  • Unlimited Employee Access
  • High level data security
  • Individual access & user panel
  • Low cost & best support




  • Report: You will get day, month & year wise report all information.
  • student attendance : You can check student attendance .
  • messaging system : You can send message teachers & student.
  • New admission: You can check New student admission info.
  • Inventory Summary Report: Full School report is here date wise.



Development Tools:

  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Framework: CI



Price with 6 month free support:


Package Price(One Time) Monthly Service Charge (After 6 month)
School 50,000/= 3000 Taka




Payment Procedure:


      • 50 Percent advance payment for Restaurant Management software
      • 50 Percent due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
      • Client must provide all content with work order.
      • Payment will goes to “BDSOFT IT SOLUTIONS” account pay cheque.